Sport Compact Nationals
Norwalk Raceway Park July 23, 2000

Time Trials
I tried some different things, but I kept getting slower, so I went back to where I started.
My first run of the day ended up being my best run to date.(13.153@104.15)

  Bracket Eliminations

Round 1

Not a great run, but I won by .168 seconds.

  Round 2

After sitting for what seemed like an eternity while they cleaned up a bunch of oil of the track, my transmission was ice cold, and it does not like to shift cold. So...I missed the one two shift, but then he missed the three four shift, and I crossed the line .001 of a second before him.

Round 3

Tranny was still cold, I didn't have time to drive aimlessly around the pits to warm it up before I had to go stage again. So...I missed second again, and I wasn't so lucky this time, because he didn't miss a gear. My day is done.